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On this occasion of 10th Conference of our Union, a publication titled “GUIDE - A BOOK FOR YOU INTEREST” which is a booklet containing comprehensive details pertaining to various schemes and welfare measures that are part of service conditions of employees of the bank.We intend to dedicate this book to Com. Krishan Lal, who had breathed his last on 2nd August 2008. Com. Krishan Lal had throughout his life contributed a lot for the achievement of better service condition for the comrades. This central office has decided to dedicate this book to him.
18 Sep, 2020
Bipartite Talks with IBA today
03 Sep, 2020
 All our unions and members are aware of the committed standpoint of AIBEA that as an organisation we are totally opposed to privatisation of Banks as the same is not in the larger interest of our country, our economy and our people.
28 Aug, 2020
 Further to the signing of MoU on 22-7-2020, IBA set up two separate Working Groups for workmen employees and officers respectively to discuss and finalise the distribution of the agreed cost into various payslip components so that the
full-fledged Settlement can be signed at the earliest. A preliminary round of the meeting of the Working Group for Workmen was held on 20 th August, 2020 through virtual mode. IBA was represented by Chairman of the Working Group Shri Rakesh Sharma (MD&CEO, IDBI Bank), Shri S K Kakkar, Sr. Advisory-HRA, IBA and other members of this Small Committee. From our  side, we were represented by the General Secretaries of our four organisation. Since BEFI did not sign the MoU, IBA did not invite them to be part of this Small Working Group. 
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