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On this occasion of 10th Conference of our Union, a publication titled “GUIDE - A BOOK FOR YOU INTEREST” which is a booklet containing comprehensive details pertaining to various schemes and welfare measures that are part of service conditions of employees of the bank.We intend to dedicate this book to Com. Krishan Lal, who had breathed his last on 2nd August 2008. Com. Krishan Lal had throughout his life contributed a lot for the achievement of better service condition for the comrades. This central office has decided to dedicate this book to him.
28 Aug, 2021
 UFBU CIRCULAR : Units and members are aware that in our 11th Bipartite Settlement / Officers 8th Joint Note singed on 11.11.2020, it was agreed therein as under:
31 May, 2021

Dear UCOites,
Today, we have announced the Q4 and Full year results of 2020-21 and before
we take a look at the highlights, I would like to place on record my gratitude to
members of Banking community especially UCOites for their selfless efforts in
standing by the customers at all times. COVID-19 pandemic has tightly gripped
our nation and continues to impose huge cost on the economy impacting
livelihoods of many citizens. I pay my homage to UCO Bank employees who lost
their lives due to coronavirus infection.
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