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On this occasion of 10th Conference of our Union, a publication titled “GUIDE - A BOOK FOR YOU INTEREST” which is a booklet containing comprehensive details pertaining to various schemes and welfare measures that are part of service conditions of employees of the bank.We intend to dedicate this book to Com. Krishan Lal, who had breathed his last on 2nd August 2008. Com. Krishan Lal had throughout his life contributed a lot for the achievement of better service condition for the comrades. This central office has decided to dedicate this book to him.
20 Jan, 2021
 All of us are observing that the Government is remaining adamant to the demands of the
farmers and hence the struggle of the farmers continues. Even in the latest round of
negotiations with the farmers’ representatives, the Government has shown their inflexible
approach. Hence the farmers have decided to intensify their agitation.
20 Jan, 2021
 Comrades, you will agree with us that running a organization is a mammoth task
and it also needs huge funds to maintain such a big organization. Normally AIBEA
do not believe in collections but it is a tradition that AIBEA collects levy at a
nominal rate from the comrades when they are paid arrears. Accordingly, this time
also we request the Unit Secretaries and Presidents to collect Levy @ 4% of Net
arrears payable, after deducting Provident Fund Contribution but before deducing
income tax. We are proud of UCO Bank Comrades, who are always ahead in
implementing each and every call of AIBEA. It is sacred duty of all of you to pay levy
@ 4%. Office Bearers and CC Members have special responsibility to ensure that
levy from each and every member in their area is collected as per guidelines given
in this circular.
23 Dec, 2020
  • In Solidarity with the agitating Farmers
  • In Support of their Relay Hunger Strike
19 Dec, 2020
We have issued the following Press Statement from AIBEA expressing our support to
the struggle of the agitating farmers.
AIBEA supports the demands of the farmers & AIKSCC
AIBEA extends its solidarity with the struggling farmers
AIBEA urges upon the Government to resolve their demands
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