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Welcome to UCBEU
On this occasion of 10th Conference of our Union, a publication titled “GUIDE - A BOOK FOR YOU INTEREST” which is a booklet containing comprehensive details pertaining to various schemes and welfare measures that are part of service conditions of employees of the bank.We intend to dedicate this book to Com. Krishan Lal, who had breathed his last on 2nd August 2008. Com. Krishan Lal had throughout his life contributed a lot for the achievement of better service condition for the comrades. This central office has decided to dedicate this book to him.
27 May, 2024
We are proud to host the 3rd National Youth Convention of AIBEA At Chennai 11th & 12th August, 2024
Hearty welcome to our Yuva Sakthi
27 May, 2024
Dear Comrades,
Under Sastry Award, Desai Award and 1st BPS, our DA scheme was linked to 1949=100 Series of Consumer Price Index. From 2nd BP Settlement in 1970, DA scheme has been based on 1960=100 Series. In the recent 12th BPS, DA scheme is linked to 2016=100 Index Series.
13 May, 2024
General Council meeting of AIBEA was held in Kochi, Kerala on 9th and 10th May, 2024. This was preceded by our Office Bearers meeting on the 8th May.
The GC Meeting was presided over by the Presidium of Com. Rajen Nagar, President and Com P R Mehta, Com. J P Sharma and Com N Shankar, Vice Presidents.
The meeting paid its homage and conveyed its condolences over the demise of the leaders and important personalities who had passed away after our Mumbai conference.
19 Apr, 2024
As already intimated, our 3rd NAtional Youth Convention-Rashtriya Yuva Sammelan will be heald in Chennai, Tamilnadu on 11th and 12th August, 2024 (SUnday & Monday). Our 1st Youth Convention was heald in Hyderabad in January, 2015 and our 2nd Convention was heald in Mumbai in March, 2018. These Conventions were a roaring sucess with vibrant praticipation by our young comrades.
08 Mar, 2024
Memorandum of Settlement dated 8th March 2024 between the Managements of 25 Banks who mandated for bi-partite settlement between the Indian Banks Association and their workmen as represented by the All India Bank Employees Association, National Confederation of Bank Employees, Bank Employees Federation of India, National Organisation of Bank Workers and Indian National Bank Employees Federation.
08 Mar, 2024
As already informed to our unions, the 12th Bipartite Settlement has been signed today. We congratulate and salute all our units and members on the happy occasion of this significant achievement.
The journey of AIBEA in uplifting the economic well-being of bank employees started in 1946 when AIBEA was born. After 2 decades of struggles, AIBEA could overcome the travails of Tribunals and achieve bilateralism and bipartite settlement in 1966 when it secured the 1st BPS. Since then, with unswerving conviction and unwavering steadfastness, AIBEA has been committed to maintain the system of bipartism.
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